Saturday, June 18, 2011


Unbelievable: incredible or astonishing

The kids and I are on vacation in Tennessee visiting family.
We got here on June 11 and will be flying home on July 4
and Mike is home ALL alone!

I knew that it would take a little while for the kids to get 
adjusted to the time change. 
I think that I SEVERELY underestimated how long that would be.

Today was the first day that Adelynn has not had a TOTAL meltdown.
Also, it was the first day that Kaleb listened and behaved REALLY well.

I could not believe that it has taken a full week to get semi-adjusted.
I hope that today is the beginning of Kaleb and Adelynn getting back to themselves.

Here are some pics of the trip so far!

I left my camera at my aunt's house, so these are from my sister's camera.


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