Monday, February 28, 2011

good-bye front tooth

Kaleb lost his 3rd tooth last night! 
It has been REALLY loose that last couple of days -
he did not want us to pull it
(actually I wouldn't pull it, I can't do that kinda stuff)
He wanted to wait for it to fall out on its own. 

*Since these pics were taken this morning - there is bed head*
He also did not want to open his eyes for the pics

Kaleb woke us up at 3:30 this morning to let us know that it fell out - 
so the tooth fairy had a chance to visit him. 
He left his tooth on the corner of his dresser and when he woke up, 
his tooth had been replaced with $2.
YAY Kaleb!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

snow day

We have a SNOW DAY today!!!
We have winds around 30mph today - they were 
much higher last night.
I wanted to share what I woke up to this morning.
our backyard
look what the wind brought us
front porch
I guess I cannot complain - what do you expect when 
you live in Idaho???!


I decided to start working out yesterday, so Mike got me up when he
gets up (5:30am - UGH!) I crawled my lazy butt out of bed and got ready.
I went out to the garage and got on the treadmill and maybe 30sec after I got 
going - the treadmill QUIT working. Was that a sign??! haha 
I could have crawled back into my warm bed - but I didn't 
(I was determined to exercise)
What did I do??? I went outside and SHOVELED.
What a workout - it took me an hour to shovel our whole driveway...
I will post little workout updates once a week! : )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new hair

Today, I went and got my hair done. I decided that
it was time for a change.

Today was the day of a new beginning!
(will share more on this later)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

pretty sunday

I just have a quick, to the point, post tonight.

Mike took the kids over to his parents house for dinner tonight, 
giving me a little break. 
(Actually, I had an errand to run so I couldn't go)
Adelynn came home with a new dress, so I have to share!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

goodnight thursday

We decided to put a pillow in Adelynn's crib since she
uses her blanket as one. 
The pillow has done wonders: 
not only is Adelynn sleeping better, she has also coughed
less at night and is not wheezing. 

She also stays covered up all night.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

random wednesday

Mike went back to work today! Adelynn has also 
been getting back to herself - there seems to be light at
the end of the sick tunnel.

I was not planning on blogging tonight, but I got a few pictures
of Kaleb and Adelynn that I just had to share.
*Adelynn giving Kaleb a hug*
*A new way to see the world*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new shoes

This past weekend I bought Adelynn a new pair of shoes. The shoes that she had were not good for her feet at all, so I did my research. I was between 2 brands: PediPed and SeeKaiRun. There is only 1 store in my city that carries both brands, so I took Adelynn to see which brand I liked better. We decided on a pair of PediPeds and I am so glad that we did.
These are the GREATEST shoes ever!!!
Adelynn LOVES her new shoes!!!

I am planning on getting Adelynn a pair of SeeKaiRun shoes for the summer, they have super cute sandals. I would highly recommend either PediPeds or SeeKaiRuns, they are FANTASTIC.

***SICK UPDATE: I ended up having to take Adelynn to the Doctors yesterday and it turns out that she has 2 ear infections. Also, Mike is sick. He stayed home from work yesterday and today. I am officially the only one in the house who has not been sick (knock on wood)!!! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adelynn's turn : (

Just when I think we are in the clear...I am sadly proven wrong. Kaleb went back to school on Friday and was back to his old self...but (drum roll) Adelynn was sick!

Mike had gotten us tickets to do a chocolate tasting downtown on Friday night! Kaleb was better and Adelynn was at the VERY beginning stage of being sick - so we thought we would be fine to go ahead downtown. There were about 30 shops participating in this event - I LOVE chocolate and was super excited to do this. However, we were only able to taste about 15 chocolate treats. Adelynn got MUCH worse and we were pretty sick from all of the chocolate. Here are a couple of pics from Friday night:
Kaleb (bein silly) and I with a chocolate covered pretzel stick

Mike and Adelynn (she wants that treat)

As soon as we got home from this event, I took Adelynn's temp and it was 102.8 - she was officially sick! 

Mike left at 4 in the morning on Saturday to go Steelhead fishing and was gone until dinner time on Sunday. I was on my own with Kaleb and Adelynn...I felt bad for Kaleb because we couldn't go do anything since Adelynn was sick. Luckily, Mike's mom came and took Kaleb to lunch and a movie (Gnomio and Juliet) today. 

I did love the extra cuddles this weekend, but hate that I cannot make her feel better. I hope she gets better soon because I am exhausted from taking care of sick kids.  

~ ~ ~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

.....still sick.....

Kaleb is still sick! Today, his fever got 
 worse - but FINALLY went down after he took a nap.  
Yes - he took a nap again today. 
Accidentally woke him up when I took this pic : (
Since he had a fever again today,
he will have to stay home from school again tomorrow.  
I am praying that he will not have a fever tomorrow so he can go back to school
on Friday. 

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of Adelynn playing 
 and being silly!
her new favorite kitchen toy
she climbed in while I was taking pics to put on craigslist

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sick again???

Kaleb is sick! He missed school yesterday
and today, hopefully he will be able to go tomorrow. 

This winter has been HORRIBLE for me, Kaleb and Adelynn. 
We have been sick so much this winter. I am REALLY  
hoping that Adelynn and I do not catch Kaleb's cold.

Kaleb does not take naps anymore, except when he really
does not feel well. 

I sure hope he feels better soon, it isn't fun being sick!

Friday, February 4, 2011

my smarty-pants

   We got Kaleb's January progress report for school - he is in Kindergarten. When we had parent-teacher conferences back in November, he was performing above grade-level. (I knew he was smart!!!) 
    How they test reading is as follows: The teacher shows him a sheet that has rows of letters, both capital and lowercase and in no certain order. First, they are to start at the beginning, and see how many they can name in a minute. Second, they see how many letters they can sound out in a minute.

Grade-Level Scores (what kids should be doing in Kindergarten)
*Letter Naming: 39/minute
*Letter Sound: 23/minute
Here were Kaleb's scores:
*Letter Naming: 61/minute
*Letter Sound: 67/minute

   Kaleb is also an enrichment student, which means he (along with other enrichment students) gets to practice advanced reading. They tested the enrichment students to see how many words they could read a minute. Kaleb can read 10 words a minute!!! : )
   They also want students to be able to count to 50, with no errors. Kaleb counted to 110 - which is as far as they let them count.

   I am SOOO proud of my little man!!! Every mom loves to hear/see that their child is smart and doing well in school, and I am glad that Mike and I worked with him as much as we did in order to get him ready for school. It has obviously paid off.
Kaleb's School Picture



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fun in the car

Now that Adelynn is forward-facing in the car, she thinks
she is pretty clever! I cannot reach her arm, so she will sit there with
her finger up her nose. 
I try to get her to stop with words:
"Stop it" "Gross" "That's Icky"
but all I get in return is:
I am convinced that Adelynn thinks she is the FUNNIEST
girl ever.

Kaleb never did this, so I have no idea how to get her to stop.
 Suggestions would be nice!

I will leave you with another one of Adelynn's
classic facial expressions.
 Sorry about the picture quality, these were all taken
with my phone!