Friday, February 4, 2011

my smarty-pants

   We got Kaleb's January progress report for school - he is in Kindergarten. When we had parent-teacher conferences back in November, he was performing above grade-level. (I knew he was smart!!!) 
    How they test reading is as follows: The teacher shows him a sheet that has rows of letters, both capital and lowercase and in no certain order. First, they are to start at the beginning, and see how many they can name in a minute. Second, they see how many letters they can sound out in a minute.

Grade-Level Scores (what kids should be doing in Kindergarten)
*Letter Naming: 39/minute
*Letter Sound: 23/minute
Here were Kaleb's scores:
*Letter Naming: 61/minute
*Letter Sound: 67/minute

   Kaleb is also an enrichment student, which means he (along with other enrichment students) gets to practice advanced reading. They tested the enrichment students to see how many words they could read a minute. Kaleb can read 10 words a minute!!! : )
   They also want students to be able to count to 50, with no errors. Kaleb counted to 110 - which is as far as they let them count.

   I am SOOO proud of my little man!!! Every mom loves to hear/see that their child is smart and doing well in school, and I am glad that Mike and I worked with him as much as we did in order to get him ready for school. It has obviously paid off.
Kaleb's School Picture



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