Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new shoes

This past weekend I bought Adelynn a new pair of shoes. The shoes that she had were not good for her feet at all, so I did my research. I was between 2 brands: PediPed and SeeKaiRun. There is only 1 store in my city that carries both brands, so I took Adelynn to see which brand I liked better. We decided on a pair of PediPeds and I am so glad that we did.
These are the GREATEST shoes ever!!!
Adelynn LOVES her new shoes!!!

I am planning on getting Adelynn a pair of SeeKaiRun shoes for the summer, they have super cute sandals. I would highly recommend either PediPeds or SeeKaiRuns, they are FANTASTIC.

***SICK UPDATE: I ended up having to take Adelynn to the Doctors yesterday and it turns out that she has 2 ear infections. Also, Mike is sick. He stayed home from work yesterday and today. I am officially the only one in the house who has not been sick (knock on wood)!!! 

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  1. those shoes are so adorable!! i cant wait to see her walking, boy i miss that little girl :(

    hope everyone starts feeling better SOON!