Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adelynn's turn : (

Just when I think we are in the clear...I am sadly proven wrong. Kaleb went back to school on Friday and was back to his old self...but (drum roll) Adelynn was sick!

Mike had gotten us tickets to do a chocolate tasting downtown on Friday night! Kaleb was better and Adelynn was at the VERY beginning stage of being sick - so we thought we would be fine to go ahead downtown. There were about 30 shops participating in this event - I LOVE chocolate and was super excited to do this. However, we were only able to taste about 15 chocolate treats. Adelynn got MUCH worse and we were pretty sick from all of the chocolate. Here are a couple of pics from Friday night:
Kaleb (bein silly) and I with a chocolate covered pretzel stick

Mike and Adelynn (she wants that treat)

As soon as we got home from this event, I took Adelynn's temp and it was 102.8 - she was officially sick! 

Mike left at 4 in the morning on Saturday to go Steelhead fishing and was gone until dinner time on Sunday. I was on my own with Kaleb and Adelynn...I felt bad for Kaleb because we couldn't go do anything since Adelynn was sick. Luckily, Mike's mom came and took Kaleb to lunch and a movie (Gnomio and Juliet) today. 

I did love the extra cuddles this weekend, but hate that I cannot make her feel better. I hope she gets better soon because I am exhausted from taking care of sick kids.  

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  1. oh man, i want to go to a chocolate tasting!! poor adelynn though, hopefully she is feeling better.

  2. Poor Adelynn! I hope you can catch a break soon!! I have to admit, chocolate tasting sounds amazing!!