Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tara (sis-in-law) and I decided to start our monthly BINGO game again! We haven't played since October and thought it was time to start it up again.

*Me and Tara*

Mike has never played before, so we had his mom come over and watch the kids! I am sure that there are several other things that we could've chosen to do while we had no kids, but we chose BINGO.
*Me, Tara and Mike*
*Our Dobbers*

*My Set-up*
BINGO is serious business and we wanted to win! However, Mike and I walked away losers at the end. Tara, on the other hand, walked away with a $200 win. This is the 2nd time she has won since I started playing with her - I have yet to win. Maybe next month? After 4 hours of BINGO, we played the slots for a little. I put in $5 and left with $33, so at least I won SOMETHING! : )

When Mike and I got back home, the kids had been fed, and Adelynn had a bath. Mike's mom had taken them to the park earlier in the day - so I am hoping that it wore them out and makes for an easy bedtime...we will see.

Happy Sunday night!


  1. ha! love it! i don't think i would be a good bingo player because the temptation to shout out "BINGO" {even if i didn't win} would be too great. lol BINGO!!! see, i can't even resist now!

  2. it is sooo addicting! I want to win sooo bad!!! Tara would have won $400, but someone else had a BINGO also, so they each got $200. I just want to win 1 time.