Wednesday, January 26, 2011

potty training

Sometime around the beginning of January, Adelynn became more aware of when she had gone to the bathroom. I would ask her if she peed/pooped and she would grab at the front/back of her diaper, depending on what she had done.

So, Mike and I decided to buy her a little toilet.....I had NO intention of her actually using it, I just wanted her to get a feel for it. She sat on it a few times with her clothes on - then after a couple days, I tried her on it with her clothes off. And, to my surprise, she pooped AND peed in the toilet!

I could not believe it - she is only 13 months old. I mean, Kaleb wasn't interested in potty training until he was 2 and it took a year for him to be fully potty trained. Adelynn has gone to the bathroom in her toilet twice since buying it. I am in NO hurry, but if she is ready - than so am I.

Here are a few pictures of her sitting on her toilet:


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  1. she is so smart!! she is way ahead of the game, she must take after her auntie amber ;)