Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"n" is for NAIL-BITING

Nail-Biting: a bad habit (my definition)

I am a nail-biter. 
I have been one for as long as I can remember. 
Although it is not AS bad as it used to be, it is still a problem.
I used to bite my nails so short, they would bleed.

My bad habit has now also become Kaleb's bad habit.
We have made a deal to both stop, but it is really hard...for both of us.
I find that when I quit, it is easier for I decided to quit for good (this time)!

My goal is to get my nails done before I leave to TN on June 11. 
I have only had my nails done once in almost 28 years (sad, right?).
Every time my friends get their nails done, I get a little jealous. 

I hope that by putting my "icky" bad habit out there, it will make it
easier to quit - because I have set a goal and told all of you!

Here are my starting pics...I will post my "pretty" nails after I get them 
done in June! : )

Do you have any bad habits?



  1. I've tried to quit biting my nails many times and can't seem to stop. Little things bother me like when they are uneven or I get a hang nail or a piece of nail snags on something or they are too thin and bend when I touch something, and all those things just lead me to biting them. I want to stop so's such a bad habit and my husband hates that I do it...I just don't know how to stop. Good luck! I hope you're successful and if you are I would love to know your secret!

  2. haha okay. we'll see about this one! ;)

  3. I think getting your nails done could really help! Good luck, and I'll be watching for your "pretty nails" pictures :)