Saturday, April 2, 2011

"l" is for LEARNING

Learning: the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skill

This afternoon, Kaleb informed us that he needed
a lesson on riding his bike without training wheels. He has
had his bike for 2 or so years and hasn't been a big fan of
riding it. Well, Mike and I got bikes a couple weeks ago,
hoping that would make riding bikes fun for Kaleb. We were
right - we have gone on a few bike rides and Kaleb tells us how much
fun riding bikes is!!! 

Mike and I told him that it would not be easy to ride without
training wheels (we like to tell him the truth). We told him that it
would take practice. The 1st try went well - Mike even let go for a 
little bit (Kaleb did not know). Kaleb was leaning to the side a little
and got frustrated, so he went inside. Mike and I decided to stay outside 
and walk around with Adelynn. About 5 min later, Kaleb came out and 
said that he was ready to "give it another try". 
He did it!!! 
He rode his bike without training wheels on try #2.
He went down the street a little and then on the way back to the house,
he kept repeating while riding his bike (Mike was right beside him)

He was SO proud - as he should be. 
He learned something new and did it faster than he thought possible.
As we were going back into the house, he told us that we could 
give his training wheels away because he no longer needed them!
I am so proud of him!

-Here are some pics that I took right after his big accomplishment-



  1. good job kaleb!!! i can't wait to ride bikes together :)

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