Thursday, March 24, 2011

"k" is for KALEB

Kaleb: the most handsome, sweetest, craziest boy I know (my definition)

We had Kaleb's parent-teacher conference today and, of course,
Kaleb is doing FANTASTIC in school. He is so
smart and is in the enrichment program in school, which proves
how smart he really is. 
Also, the teacher told us that Kaleb is so grown-up
for his age. As a mom, I am over the moon proud, but at the
same time, sad. He is growing up so fast and there is NOTHING that 
I can do to stop it! I was feelin a little sentimental when I got home
and decided to do a special tribute to Kaleb.

On the way to the hospital

1st Thanksgiving (2 months old)
Having fun with Auntie Amber
right after eating a lemon
At the lake with dad
at a baseball game 2009
best big brother in the world
We LOVE you Kaleb Hunter Blessing!


  1. my little guy is growing up so fast!! tell him to pause until i see him again! i just love him to pieces!!

  2. Kaleb sounds like such an awesome kid! I love seeing all those pictures of him :) You're doing great on your alphabet posts! I love it!!

  3. awww :) Elliot is only 3 months old and I already think he's growing up too fast... just thinking about SCHOOL makes me want to have a panic attack.