Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"g" is for GROCERIES

Groceries: commodities sold by a grocer

I went grocery shopping tonight with Adelynn...
it usually isn't too bad bringing her, but tonight was a different story.
She kept trying to eat the grapes and get to the bananas that I had in 
the cart...and when she couldn't get them, she got my purse.
At least I didn't lose anything - so that is a positive! 

This might sound silly - but I love the feeling of having a
 full freezer, refrigerator and pantry. I usually do 2 big grocery 
trips a month (1 @ Costco and 1 @ Fred Meyer). 
Tonight was my big Fred Meyer trip...after tonight,
grocery shopping will be my "alone" time! : )

my full freezer/fridge
my full and organized pantry
To try and salvage a bad trip to the grocery store with Adelynn, 
I cruised through the Eater aisles in search of Cadbury Eggs...
but of course, they only had the mini ones (not the same)
So, all-in-all, this was not a good grocery shopping trip.
Maybe next time?!



  1. your fridge and pantry are so organized!! when you come here, i may need you to work on mine. haha!

  2. You just HAD to mention the Cadbury eggs, didn't you?? ;) I LOVE those little guys. And you're right, they must be full-sized to REALLY count.

    Your pantry is lovely - want to organize mine? ;)

  3. No cadbury eggs?! Boo!! I haven't had one since I had my first one of the season a couple weeks ago......I need to look for them next time I go grocery shopping!