Sunday, March 6, 2011

"d" is for DOGS much for posting twice yesterday.  We were out until late again and after we put the kids to bed, Mike and I decided to watch a movie.   So - new plan: I will do "d" and a special post that Amanda tagged me in today.  Tomorrow, I will do "e" and "f" - then I will be caught up! :)

Dog: a domesticated carnivorous mammal related to the foxes/wolves and 
raised in a wide variety of breeds

We have 2 dogs, Kaya and Cinnamon, who are chocolate labs and sisters. 
They were born on December 24,2006 and we got them in March 2007.
So, we have had them since they were about 12 weeks old. I do not know
what we were thinking getting 2 puppies when we were both in school 
and when Kaleb was just 2...we were CRAZY.

I love dogs, but sometimes they can be the BIGGEST pain in the butt!
There have been times when I have tried to get rid of one/both of our dogs...
but, in reality, I could never really get rid of them.

Dogs can teach kids responsibility, which is exactly what we are going
to take advantage of. Kaleb is responsible for feeding the dogs, 
both morning and night. When he complains about his "job",
I tell him that we could sell the dogs (mean, huh?), but he LOVES 
the I know how the situation will ultimately end...with Kaleb
feeding the dogs. 

They are a part of our family - and boy do they
have it GREAT with us. They are spoiled dogs...

-kaya as a puppy-
-cinnamon as a pup-
-passed out-
-kaya today-
-cinnamon today-


  1. So cute! All these puppy posts going up on people's blogs make me in dire need of a puppy!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. I just love their chocolatey color!! The puppy pictures are so cute :)

  3. they were so cute when they were puppies!! i bet kaya misses cuddling with me in kaleb's bed...

  4. Cute!! I love chocolate labs. :)